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Holistic Nutrition for Hormone Health

Upset Stomach


  • Missing or irregular menstrual cycle

  • Heavy or painful periods

  • Suffer from acne, PMS, fatigue or mood swings

  • Struggle to maintain a healthy weight

  • Want to prepare your body for pregnancy

Wellness with Jacqui offers a root-cause, holistic approach to restoring hormone health. Through functional nutrition assessments, we work together to find a nutrition and lifestyle strategy that helps you nourish your body and support optimal hormone health.

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I teach women how to understand their hormone cycles by charting their basal body temperature, which is helpful to:

  • Identify hormone imbalances

  • Confirm ovulation

  • Identify your fertile window

  • Provide insights into how your nutrition and lifestyle habits affect your hormone health

I also help clients assess their nutrition requirements through:

  • Food journal tracking

  • Biofeedback monitoring

  • Comprehensive nutrition testing, including bloodwork and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

We then work together to find a nutrition and lifestyle plan that helps you nourish your body and support optimal hormone health. My coaching program offers knowledge, support, and accountability in your health journey.

How nutrition can help

Our food provides the nutrients we need to maintain healthy bodily systems, including the production, metabolism and detoxification of hormones. When we don't get enough of the right nutritious foods, our hormone balance can suffer, resulting in symptoms such as PMS, acne and irreglar cycles.


I was so grateful for how Jacqui's entire process worked - from our first session and her intake form I felt so Seen and understood. Being in the space that I was it was also quite overwhelming to consider making lifestyle and nutrition changes, but as Jacqui does everything so gently, working with your own unique baseline and making changes that are small, progressive and sustainable, never once did I feel like I was doing anything I couldn't manage! Jacqui's recommendations are so clear, evidence-based, tailored to each individual and practical - each felt so manageable and exciting to see the shifts they created in my physical body as well as my mental health. It was so helpful to have full hour consults and weekly check-ins, I felt so supported every step of the way! Previously I'd also felt so overwhelmed with all the supplements available and what would actually be helpful and supportive for me, but with Jacqui's advice I feel like I have such a good grasp of how to interpret what my body is telling me and what supplements will be supportive and how to use them most effectively. There have been the deepest positive shifts in every area I was struggling with, and even ones I wasn't initially aware of. If I compare how I felt at the start of this journey (weak, anxious, depleted) to how I feel now (vibrant, strong, hopeful) I'm so deeply grateful for this journey and all of Jacqui's guidance 

Tiffany Burnham

Image by Artem Kovalev

Ready to implement a nutrition and lifestyle strategy that helps you support your hormone health?

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